NOTE: We've had some problems with SPAM, so we've had to stop allowing every registered user to edit pages. If you're interested in helping out by contributing to ATDB, email us at and we'll get you set up. We apologize for the inconvenience and would still welcome any contributions.


You will need to register with the site to add/edit entries. To register select "Register" at the top menu or click here. You will have to enter a valid email address, and a validation email will be sent to that address. If there are any problems please email

Adding/Editing Entries

Once you've registered, when visiting a page you'll see an edit link at the bottom of that post. If you wish to add an image/description to the entry, click edit and the editing window will open.

Without getting into too many details about the code used to edit the entries, here's what you need to know. Try to keep the posts in the following format:

When you have made your additions, click "Save" and the page will be finalized.

Uploading Images

Obviously, photos of the tattoos are as important as any element of this site. When editing entries, we invite you to add your own images to the posts. When editing a post, you'll see an "Upload Picture" portion towards the bottom. Select "Chose file" and select the image file from your computer. An image link similar to the one in the above example will automatically appear. When you Save the page, the image will be uploaded and it will appear within the post. If there are any problems or you have questions please email

If your image is too wide, please go to this site (external link) and resize with Maximum dimension of 700px.

Creating a New Page

If the athlete you want to add to the database does not have a preexisting page proceed as follows. (Note: we have already listed all NBA players in that section. If a page does not exist, simply click the question mark beside his name)

If the player is an NBA player not on the list please email us and we will add it to that list: Otherwise, select "Other" from the top menu. Proceed as though you wish to edit the page. When the editing box appears, find the first letter of the players last name and type his/her name in the following format:

Then, save the page. When you go back to the "Other" page. Beside that players name, you will see a question mark. Click the question mark, and the page will be created for you to edit.